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ProGroom’s Clarifying Shampoo for dogs (safe for cats) is formulated to gently clarify, remove excess oils from coats, remove dirt, grime and product build-up without drying out coat or skin. 


  • Clarifying shampoo that restores coat to a natural condition
  • Removes build-up and excessive oils and product buildup
  • Does not irritate or dry coat or skin
  • Deep cleans excessively dirty or greasy coats
  • Can be used on cats to achieve a fluffy, light coat
  • Suitable for all coat types
  • Easy rinse soap-free formula leaves no residue
  • pH balanced for safety and effectiveness.


Dilute 6:1 for hand bathing.  Use as a first shampoo and repeat if necessary on extremely dirty coats.  15:1 dilution for Hydrobaths or breeds with Wire Coats.


For your confidence as a professional,  this shampoo does not contain soaps, harsh detergents, SLS or SLES, Parabens or petro chemicals.


With any clarifying shampoo, it is important to avoid contact with the eyes.  If symptoms of eye irritation occur (rubbing eyes, excessive blinking or squinting), flush eyes with tepid water for at least 5 minutes.


For example, to make 1 litre of shampoo using a 6:1 concentration product, you add 6 parts water + 1 part shampoo.

On average, depending on the condition of the animal’s coat, we recommend our shampoos be diluted approx 1-6,

this equals approx 145ml shampoo per litre of water.

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