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Bliss Sportiva dressage 17.5"


Brand- Bliss of London

Material- Leather

Colour- Black


Size- 17.5"

Tree- MW warmblood tree, Adjustable by saddler

Panel- Wool Flocked

Condition- Trial saddle, only used a handful of times. Good Condition. Price $7,700 new

Brand statement- The Sportiva Dressage FLX is the ultimate in horse and rider comfort- in a word Bliss. The saddle offers the first fully interchangeable knee block, this allows existing blocks to be angled or even changed to a completely different shape and style.  This also gives an added benefit to saddle fitters to have more flexibility for a variety of riders within one model.

This saddle has been designed with performance in mind. Monoflap saddle with anatomically shaped independent panels allow full freedom of movement for the scapula. The Bliss Tree allows a wide gullet for a well balanced weight dispersal and freedom around the spine. Traditionally wool flock panels creates a breathable cushion that moulds to the contours of your horses back, this can be easily adapted to create extra support in precise areas.

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