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Air-Teque Sports Medicine Boots

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Air-Teque Sports Medicine Boots have been a best seller here at Premier Equine for many years.
Made from our specialist Air-Teque ventilated neoprene the boots are highly breathable, minimising the chance of your horse's legs overheating. Microfiber leather straps add durability and strength and also make the boots easier to use. A quick and easy alternative to bandaging. Used by professionals in all sorts of disciplines including racehorse trainers, dressage trainers, dressage riders, event riders, polo players, carriage drivers and stunt riders.

Sports boots are anatomically designed and come recommend by vets for the purpose of supporting all major tendons and ligaments in your horse's legs.

Sports Boots Key features...
Made from Air-Teque ventilated neoprene
Strong, secure and long lasting Velcro straps made using microfiber leather
Tendon support
Fetlock support
Ligament support
Suspensory support
Recommended by vets for support purposes
Quicker bandage alternative
Can be used for multiple disciplines
Sold in pairs

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