Stable Away

Over the years we have specalised in building horseboxes or many shapes and sizes, whether this be small and compact or large and extravagant.

Through those years we have worked closely with our driving clients to build what we believe to be the best fold out stable on the market to date.

Taking up just 4 inches of interior width, a fitted side stable allows your horse plentiful space during travelling as in all our horsebox range but with the added advantage of an equine “Home from Home” on arrival.

How It Works

The stable is engineered with gas strut assistance, simply unclip the bottom locks and the side will lift easily becoming the stable roof.

The 2 gates then fold from within to support the roof. The gates are then assembled with poles which just slide together.

Canvas wraps around the bars give the stable a soft but strong feel, this can be erected in a matter of minutes!

Stable Away

In 2010 after building numerous stables to perfect their simplicity, we were commissioned to build and produce the newest addition to the  fleet…. The Stable Away!

This versatile trailer enables excellent storage solutions for your carriages and equipment, and with both sides folding out it can give you up to 4 stables!

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